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Garden Mole Removal

The Common Mole – Talpa europaea

Bristol Garden Mole Control: Being based in Bristol means our mole control experts are able to give you same day service at no extra cost. So why wait?

Garden Moles & Mole Activity – The Facts

garden moles in the UK are also found across much of continental Europe in undisturbed, firm soils. Much of the moles life is spent hidden underground in a labyrinth of tunnels that the mole is continually extending.

Tunnel systems act as a natural larder for the moles, where the moles favourite food, earthworms, enter the tunnels and are quickly gobbled up.

The menu doesn’t end there though as moles will also tackle other prey such as insects and even other small mammals. What isn’t so well known is that its saliva contains a variety of toxins, with a quality that will actively paralyse some prey.

What Do Moles Look Like?

Body Shape: Cylindrical 10 – 15 cm long

Sense of smell: Highly developed

Ears: Visible as small folds, but very sensitive

Eyes: Small and concealed by fur

Colour: Dark grey is the most common colour, but variations are common

Fact: They sense prey in their tunnels up to 15 feet away

Dominant Feature: Large, powerful front claws for burrowing 50 – 100 meters a day

What Damage Can Garden Moles Cause?

So why do you need our Bristol Mole Control Service?

Do Garden Moles represent a significant risk of injury – No,

It’s not the bite (although that hurts – a lot), but the tunnels and subterranean cavities deteriorating over time, leaving holes and hidden grooves in grassed areas that cause the problems.

Twisted ankles, injury risks to horses and riders, and create new homes for other rodents and pests such as wasps and rats – especially in verges.

At The Bristol Rat Company, we have experienced a large increase in demand for our Bristol Mole Control solutions. This may be due to the consistently moist soil of persistent wet and cold summers or as some are suggesting the economy (fewer people investing in effective control).

This year activity appears just as pronounced as last year, and the damage caused is as awful as it’s always been, meaning the recent rain has once again had new mole customers needing our comprehensive services.

Are Garden Moles Good For Your Garden?

Garden moles provide your garden with effective pest control – but opinion is deeply divided on this issue.

Because moles love the grubs in your soil, they will, by default, eliminate many pests in the ground, especially chafer beetle grubs and crane fly larvae.

Moles also help aerate, fertilise and mix the soil in a way that can be mildly beneficial.

The downside of this activity is unsightly molehills, injured ankles from trips and falls, and let’s not forget the damage to areas of your garden that might be precious to you!

How Can Our Bristol Mole Control Services Help?

As mentioned before, you have to understand a pest to achieve effective control quickly. So many customers turn to us for help once the damage is done. Seeing years of hard work and financial investment, creating their striped lawns and manicured gardens, decimated in just a few days.

Put simply – Our mole catcher service does it all! From traps to fumigation – we know how to eliminate moles with success, quickly and use sophisticated tools and equipment you would expect from our professional service.

Don’t wait for further damage to occur – Call Our Bristol Rat Control Team – 0117 369 2709

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