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The Bristol Rat Company


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Rats As Pests

We help you protect your home from rodents with ethical pest control designed for safer, faster, lasting elimination.

The traditional industry system of BAIT-STINK-FLIES-REPEAT is not the system we aspire to offer. Instead, we offer an ethical pest control solution tailored to your unique situation that respects the environment and helps avoid repeated treatments and the endless cycle of control.

Join our growing list of satisfied clients who are now rodent-free.  By focussing on the source of rodent problems, it is our ambition to solve your rodent problem forever!

Why Get Rid Of Rats, Mice & Squirrels?

  • Most rat problems in homes come from reliable locations we very often pinpoint on our first inspection. Don’t wait for rats to damage your health or home.
  • Mice transmit diseases to humans via urine and droppings. Mice are incontinent, meaning that urine often gets deposited on foods and food preparation surfaces!
  • Grey squirrels cause tremendous damage in loft spaces where they trash your insulation and gnaw cables, plastic pipes, timbers, and stored property. Get Rid Of Squirrels Fast.

Most rodent problems in homes come from reliable locations we often pinpoint on our first inspection. Don’t wait for rodents to damage your health or home – Book Today

A rats droppings and urine will leave your home smelling awful for many years. Baby rats have routinely been misidentified as mice and 80% of customers inherit a rat problem when they buy a new home! Book your inspection today and prevent rats and other rodents from causing more destruction in your house.

Parasites including fleas and mites will always be present where infestations have been found. Once the host animal dies the parasites leave the body to find a live host. It’s not uncommon for people to experience random episodes of flea activity following rodent control treatments. We offer a full decontamination service for situations such as this.