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Garden Rats

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Garden Rats are Brown Rats, and among the most commonly seen rodents, you will encounter in your garden. For the most part, you should not be alarmed by the rare appearance of a single adult rat.

What you should be alarmed about is the presence of more than one rat or rats of different sizes. This might indicate you have a colony of rats in your garden or a rat colony using it as a crossing point to access adjoining premises where food is abundant.

Both rural and urban rat populations are incredibly successful at identifying new opportunities for both food and shelter, which ensures populations remain robust in spite of people’s best attempts to eliminate them.

Reasons You Have Rats In Your Garden include:

Rats In Compost Bins

Rats love compost bins supplied with fresh kitchen waste – Tasty! Without the proper protection, they can be a potent reservoir of rats due to the food they hold and the higher than ambient temperatures they generate.

Rats Under Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders and bird tables offer an abundant supply of spilt food as well as easily accessible hanging food accessories that can be easily stripped. Rats are phenomenal climbers and acrobats. They can climb squirrel proof feeders and move very quickly.

Rats Under garden Decking

Garden decking hides a multitude of sins and vulnerabilities in the structure of the perimeter of your home and conceals the drain inspection points beneath.

It is extremely common to find that the rats are living beneath polythene membranes set below the decking to subdue weeds.

Decking is mistakenly placed right up against the wall of the property allowing water to penetrate the walls above the damp course and completely hides the activities of developing rat populations beneath.

Rats In Sheds & Outbuildings

Garden sheds and similar outbuildings are the perfect retreat and nesting site for rats. They often contain suitable nesting material, are rarely disturbed during the colder months, and usually have stored feed and seed in them.

The doors rarely fit snugly, and the floors are often rotten and cluttered. The perfect hiding place.

Rats In Hutches and Bird Enclosures

Animals like rabbits, chickens, guinea pigs, and birds provide an abundance of spilt feed or feed that is readily available. Quite often these will be in neighbouring gardens or on garden perimeters, encouraging rodents into your garden.

Even when the animals and birds are located inside the property, rats quickly do all they can to find access into the property to access the food they can small externally.

Rats From Outside Toilets

Outside toilets quickly become outdoor storage sheds for garden equipment and products. Because the toilets are disused, the water trap dries out and allows rats from the sewer to quickly use it as a convenient door to the outside.

A quick and simple solution is to pull the flush or fill the trap with concrete, rendering the toilet obsolete.

Rats From Faulty Drains

Faulty drains, especially faulty inspection chambers or chambers with damaged lids offer rats the opportunity to populate your garden. This happens extremely quickly and represents a never-ending supply of rats that without remedial work, remain impossible to eliminate permanently.

80% of rats come from faulty drains and without repair, the constant flow of rats is unstoppable.

Question – How Does Your Service Work?


Before anything happens we schedule a thorough rat and rodent inspection of the affected areas at a time convenient to you. Everyone is capable of laying bait and traps, and in some cases, this might achieve some level of control.

A professional inspection by our trained operatives brings you a completely different level of rat awareness and control.

At The Bristol Rat Company we carry sophisticated, professional equipment as well as products that although very safe, are strictly controlled, so cannot be legally acquired by non-professional operators.

What this means to you is Faster, Safer Control, and a property that is SAFER – FASTER and FOR LONGER as a result.

Question – How Much Does Brown Rat Control Cost?


Significantly less than if you let brown rats continue damaging and infesting your property – Remember they carry parasites and infections that may surely cost you your health.

Being a rat control specialist, means our rat control services are faster and more flexible than many other providers.

We are usually on-site within hours or faster if it is an emergency, getting rid of wild brown rats quickly. Our brown rat control prices in Bristol start from just £78.00 for inspection or your inspection is free if you have a treatment.

For emergencies, public holidays, weekends, and out of hours services, prices may vary. Remember we also provide rodent proofing – helping you remain free of brown rats long after they are eliminated.

Question – How Long Will It Take?


Many rat populations are knocked down in a couple of weeks yet in general, a massive infestation of rats is going to take much longer, depending on environmental factors such as bait resistance, bait shyness, cold conditions, and levels of non-bait food sources.

Where the brown rats are difficult to track, or the critical source of rats is challenging to find, we deploy a range of tools from high definition remote cameras to digital endoscopes to assist us. In essence – technology and science together with good old-fashioned fieldcraft give us a unique advantage.

In almost all situations, an integrated approach, using a variety of control methods is far more successful than one that uses a single approach. We use integrated methods in the majority of our control operations as this is both an economically and environmentally, beneficial method of control.

Q: What other Ways Can You Help Me?

bristol rat control pest control services


The Bristol Rat Company has qualified electricians who can inspect and test your entire electrical system for faults and damage caused by rodent activity.

We can also update older style electrical systems, reducing fire risks and the dangers of electrical accidents caused by electrocution from wires stripped bare by rats, squirrels, and mice.


Damaged pipes like those leading into underfloor heating systems are a significant hazard to both your properties structural integrity and of course electrical injury. We have qualified Plumbers that will quickly inspect and if required, replace or repair damaged pipes and equipment.

Drain Repairs and Digital Camera Inspections

Very often the rodent problems we see are a result of rats getting into the property through damaged, faulty, or poorly designed sewer systems.

We also have the facilities and expertise to carry out a full inspection of the sewer system and drainage of the property. Where damage is found, we will carry out remediation work to protect the property.

Loft Insulation

Insulation is one of the most significant areas of contamination risk and is regularly overlooked.

Rodents nest and live between layers, depositing vast quantities of droppings, urine, and nesting material infested with insect pests.

We can undertake a highly effective decontamination process in place to ensure insulation is quickly and effectively replaced and surrounding surfaces thoroughly disinfected with a sophisticated product that kills, viruses, bacteria, and many other types of microorganisms.

We also use of PestBristol, who are experts in insect control to handle the fumigation of properties affected by flea, bedbug, and lice infestations.


We have healthcare trained operatives, formally qualified in infection control to decontaminate an infested or contaminated environment.

You can be assured that we understand infection control and how to achieve an intensive clean more than many other organisations.

the owner is head of infection control operations, and with fifteen years of experience in clinical healthcare services helps us stand apart from other providers as industry leaders.


Proofing is where we put in place effective barriers preventing rodents from accessing the property or sensitive areas. We have experience in sealing cavity walls, cellars, attics, storerooms, kitchens, and the list goes on. If you have rodents and don’t want them getting in – then we have the expertise to help.

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