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Emergency rat control in Bristol with The Bristol Rat Company.

NEVER Have Pest Problems Again

Emergency Pest Control In Bristol

Our Bristol Emergency Pest Control Service has a single-minded mission – to control all pest activity with maximum efficiency whilst protecting the environment and non-target species such as our birds of prey and native mammals like the shrews and voles.

We carry out control of all vermin and rodent pest species, including Rats, Mice and Grey Squirrels.

Many customers find that they have more than one rodent species causing damage, so are pleased We offer a comprehensive service that tackles them all. We offer a true 24-hour pest control service. So if it is an evening or a weekend we are available to help and supply you with pest control services 24 hours a day

The Benefits Of Our Expert Control Solutions

Local Experts with Local Knowledge

– Unmarked Vehicles

– Rubbish Clearance & Intensive Disinfection

– Humane and Environmentally Sensitive Pest Control Practices

– Available 24 Hours For Rodent and Vermin Control Services

– Emergency Response – Usually on-site in less than 30 minutes

– Same Day Pest Extermination Service

– Comprehensive Rodent Inspections & Reports

– Poison Free Control Options

– Expert Support For, Plumbers and Electricians and Drain Specialists

– Proofing – To Ensure They Never Get Back In

Question – What Happens First?


Before anything happens, we provide a thorough pest control inspection to examine the affected areas. Anyone can lay rat bait and traps, and in some cases, this can achieve some level of control.

A professional inspection by our trained operatives brings you a completely different level of pest control.

At The Bristol Rat Company we often make use of sophisticated, professional equipment and products that are strictly controlled, so cannot be acquired by non-professional operators.

What this means to you is Faster, Safer Control and a property that is SAFER – FASTER as a result.

Question – How Much Will Emergency Pest Control Cost?


Significantly less than if they are allowed to continue damaging and infesting your property – Remember they carry parasites and infections that can also cost you your health.

As a local Bristol Pest Control Services business, our prices are very affordable. Where an infestation is severe costs may, of course, be slightly higher, but we will always explain this before beginning any baiting programme so you always remain in control and means you always know where you stand on price.

Remember once you have used us, our customer loyalty programme means you will qualify for future discounts on all our other services, including remediation work.

Want to do it yourself? That’s also fine – we give you advice at the beginning and supply you with everything you need. The pesticide products supplied will be for amateur use, so are not as effective as professional products although some bait boxes and traps are produced for both professional and amateur use.

If you find that you are unable to control things alone, then we are always there to step in with our professional rodent control services as required.

Question – How Long Will Emergency Pest Control Take?


Most rodent populations in Bristol are knocked down in a couple of weeks, moles are a little more difficult to treat swiftly, yet in general, a very large vermin infestation is often going to take much longer, depending on environmental factors such as bait resistance, bait shyness, cold conditions and levels of non-bait food sources.

Where the rodents are difficult to track or the key source of rodents is difficult to find, we apply a range of tools from high definition remote cameras to digital endoscopes to assist us. In essence – technology together with good old fashioned fieldcraft gives us the advantage.

In most situations, an integrated approach, using a variety of control methods is far more successful than one that uses a single approach. We use integrated methods in the majority of our control operations as this is the most economically and environmentally beneficial method of control.

Q: What other Ways Can You Help Me?

rats fire disease


The Bristol Rat Company has qualified electricians who can inspect and test your entire electrical system for faults and damage caused by rodent activity.

We can also update older style electrical systems, reducing fire risks and the dangers of electrical accidents caused by electrocution from wires stripped bare by rats, squirrels and mice.


Damaged pipes like those leading into underfloor heating systems are a major hazard to both your properties structural integrity and of course electrical injury. We have qualified Plumbers that will quickly inspect and if required, replace or repair damaged pipes and equipment.

Drain Repairs and Digital Camera Inspections

Very often the rodent problems we see are a result of rats getting into the property through damaged, faulty or badly designed sewer systems.

We also have the facilities and expertise to carry out a full inspection of the sewer system and drainage of the property. Where damage is found we will carry out remediation work to protect the property.

Loft Insulation

Insulation is one of the most significant areas of contamination risk and is regularly overlooked.

Rodents nest and live between layers, depositing huge quantities of droppings, urine and nesting material infested with insect pests.

We are able to undertake a highly effective decontamination process in place to ensure insulation is quickly and effectively replaced and surrounding surfaces fully disinfected with a sophisticated product that kills, viruses, bacteria and many other types of microorganisms.

We also use PestBristol Pest Control, which are experts in insect control to handle the fumigation of properties affected by flea, bedbug and lice infestations.


We have healthcare trained operatives, formally qualified in infection control to decontaminate an infested or contaminated environment.

You can be assured that we understand infection control and how to achieve an intensive clean more than many other organisations.

the owner is head of infection control operations and with fifteen years of experience in clinical healthcare services helps us stand apart from other providers as industry leaders.


Proofing is where we put in place effective barriers preventing rodents from accessing the property or sensitive areas. We have experience in sealing cavity walls, cellars, attics, storerooms, kitchens and the list goes on. If you have rodents and don’t want them getting in – then we have the expertise to help.

Don’t wait for further damage to occur – Call Our Bristol Rat Control Team – 0117 369 2709

Author: the owner of The Bristol Rat Company