rats in cavity walls

Rats In Cavity Walls

We Can Easily Stop Rats

Rats in wall cavities are almost always easily stopped and excluded. It's not always cheap, but our customers never have rats again! We are the end of Bait-Stink-Flies-Repeat, no other company has our expertise in this unique area of pest control.

get rid of flies from dead rats

Flies From Dead Rats?

Flies, What To Expect

Flies are just the tip of the iceberg because beetle and moth larvae also help eliminate a dead rodent body over the course of a year! Insects are unpleasant but, they signal the end. The stink usually leaves with the flies! learn more about Blow Flies.

cctv rat ingress drains

CCTV For Rat Control

Rat Ingress Inspections

90% of rat infestations within properties in Bristol are a direct result of faulty or redundant drains, left neglected and unmapped for years. We use sophisticated cameras to locate and solve rat infestations forever. We are the end of rats inside buildings!