Rats & Rat Control

Effective Rat Control In Bristol

What are the most effective rodent control methods for eliminating rats permanently and ethically?

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Rat Exclusion

Rats are one of the most well-known rodents that present as a pest in homes and businesses. The best method of ethical vermin control is always going to be exclusion. The creation of an invincible barrier between our homes and offices and the rodents.

Environmental Rat Control

Exclusion is then followed by environmental rodent control which looks at why brown rats might be attracted to your property and how we discourage the rodents from breeding or living in a property.

Lethal Rat Control & Extermination

Finally, we look at poison and other methods of lethal control that would include poison, traps and then predator introduction like cats!

Emergency Rat Control

Emergency control is also needed on occasion along with a blend of all control methods to achieve elimination in the shortest possible time frame for the protection of food and human safety, etc.


What Is A Rodent?