emergency mouse control

Emergency Mouse Control

Emergency Mouse Control

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Our Ambition? Permanent Control!

bristol mouse control

Emergency Control Of House Mouse Infestations in Bristol

The Bristol Rat Company is Your Local Emergency Mouse Control Company, and has a single-minded mission – to control all mouse activity urgently with maximum efficiency whilst protecting the environment and non-target species such as our birds of prey and native mammals like the shrews and voles.

The Benefits Of Our Expert Mouse Control Solutions

Local Experts with Local Knowledge

– Unmarked Vehicles

– Rubbish Clearance & Intensive Disinfection

– Humane and Environmentally Sensitive Pest Control Practices

– Available 24 Hours For Rodent and Vermin Control Services

– Emergency Response – Usually on-site in less than 30 minutes

– Same Day Pest Extermination Service

– Comprehensive Mouse Control Inspections & Reports

– Poison Free Control Options

– Expert Support For, Plumbers and Electricians and Drain Specialists

– Proofing – To Ensure They Never Get Back In