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pesticides and rats

Pesticide Products In Regular Use – The Bristol Rat Company

Pesticide Products In Planned Use – Revised October 2021

As a small business, we are not always available in the event that something should go wrong. This list along with any documentation left with you on-site should help you receive the necessary information in an emergency situation.

All pesticides are kept in safe, secure storage onsite and during transport. Pesticides may be toxic to plants or animals which is why we have provided information here for you to easily access information on all products used.

This submission of information helps us fulfil part of our obligations to provide all information we can to keep clients and others safe.

Rodent Control Products

Rodilon® Soft Blocks

Rodilon® Blocks

Rodilon® Trio

Racumin Foam®


Ficam® D

Coopex® Mini Smoke Generator

Insect Control Products

Contrac® Rodenticide

Maxforce® Quantum

Romax® Rat CP


Twenty One®

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